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Most celebrities aren’t just recognized and admired by the signature of their art, but also by their sense of style. Many of them are trendsetters. They set the mode. The leather jackets that they wear inspire. Celebrity Jackets is a place where both fans big stars and leather jacket lovers alike can find the high quality, head-turning leather jackets they crave.


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Those who can settle for nothing less than the luxurious experience only wearing real leather jackets can bring seek out-of-the-ordinary, but very attractive jackets that can help them express who they are through fashion. To satisfy their distinguishing tastes, we offer an impressively large variety of leather coats, jackets, and even vests. Our selection of high quality merchandise is constantly being added to. We have leather jackets in colours, cuts, and styles that are otherwise very hard to find. Many of the jackets are perfect replicas of the ones worn by some of the most famous Celebrity Jackets.


Hollywood-Inspired Leather Jackets

Did one of your favourite celebrities wear a leather jacket that really caught your eye? Celebrity Jackets brings you the opportunity to find an exact replica of that jacket and own it. These garments are great to wear as costumes, conversation starters, or even as every day wear. Find jackets from popular movies and television series, such as Rocky, The Dark Knight Rises, Drive, The Expendables, The Avenger, Transformers, Happy Days, and many more. We even have replicas of jackets worn by musical stars, such as Freddie Mercury, or WWE superstars, such as Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. You can create an entire collection of leather jackets styles worn by your favorite celebrities. Our affordable prices make building a whole wardrobe easy. Plus, the fine workmanship that gets put into each and every garment we offer means you can be sure the jackets and coats you purchase from us last for many years, even when worn frequently. Celebrity Jackets is also a great place to do gift shopping. These high quality leather, perfect replica jackets make ideal presents for hard-core movie and television fans. The jackets are excellent gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, graduation presents, and more.


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This section showcases some of our most famous Celebrity Jackets
Eminem Not Afraid Black Leather Jacket
Rihanna Yellow Leather Jacket
Justin Bieber Stylish Black Leather Jacket
Jon Bon Jovi We Can Tour Leather Jacket
Tom Cruise Distressed Brown Leather Jacket
Denial Craig Real Black Leather Jacket
Transformers Dark of the Moon Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Jacket
Twilight Saga Jacob Black Breaking Dawn 1 Leather Jacket
Ashton Kutcher Outerwear Brown Bomber Jacket
Michael Jackson Beat it Leather Jacket
Kill Bill Uma Thurman Movie Biker Leather Jacket
Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man Motorcycle Leather Jacket

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